Letter: Inadequate expansion plans at pool - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

The Parks as well as Entertainment assistant supervisor mentioned automatic pool cleaners this would certainly cost about $75,000 to install a 2nd downpour delay in each suiting up area. In its place will be actually a six-lane athletic swimming pool along with the pool cleaner expert an adjacent youngsters pool. This feels like creating a regulation football ground as well as putting in one Skid-O-Kan. Again, the urban area's having fun cheap on our team.

The urban area of Corpus Christi will certainly very soon destroy Collier Pool, preferred swimming spot for tour swimmers and children and the only outside, hot year-round swimming pool. A cold 40-degree early morning in January at Collier is actually certainly not the moment or even area to have four working males or even women on a tight schedule hesitating eligible one interior downpour. But just a couple of shower stalls (one for the guys's space as well as one for the females's area) for a city of 330,000 individuals and also growing.

Julie Sloyer

Inadequate growth programs at swimming pool

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